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CV308 klystron

This valve measures 83x20mm overall and has a small bayonet cap base and three disc seals

Heater voltage4.0V
Heater current1.2A
Max anode (resonator) voltage1.5kV
Max total cathode current *14.0mA
Min total tuning range4.9 to 10.1cm
Reflector voltage range-40 to -450V
Min power output **1.0mW

*: measured with a resonator voltage of 1.5kV, reflector voltage of -40 to -450V and the valve oscillating
**: measured at any point in the tuning range - this value will be exceeded considerably at most points in the overall range
BaseHeater, Heater/Cathode
Disc 1 (top)Reflector
Disc 2 and 3Resonator

Quarter view

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