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CV322 reflex klystron

Size The valve on the left measures 85x35mm overall including the output probe. The one on the right measures 100x32mm. They have a modified octal base. Size

This is a reflex klystron operating in the 3cm range. The tuning range is approximately 3.05 to 3.45cm and is mechanical. The input is about 6W at 300V, and the output 30 to 50mW. An electronic tuning range of about +/-15MHz is obtained by a 15V variation in the reflector voltage, the average reflector voltage being 110V negative to the cathode.

Developed by EMI it was a functional replacement for the Western Electric 723A, but was not a complete plug-in replacement for it. It (and the 723A) was later replaced by the type of all metal klystron with a waveguide output.

The above valve is the same design as the 723x klystrons. The one below has a different adjustment mechanism. Both types of adjuster push or pull the top of the valve to adjust the frequency.
Adjuster CV322