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CV3300D low noise, tunable X-band CW klystron oscillator

This valve measures 215x165x50mm overall at the widest points.

The markings on this valve are: Valve type CV3300D Ser no. D495FAP KB/FRD 75/19.

Heater resistance2 ohms
Emission at 15.5W heater power46mA at 9kV, 26mA at 6kV
RF power output15W

Rear view
Quarter view
Glass section

The glass section of the valve is shown here. The two bolt connectors are Heater/Cathode (red) and Heater (black). "AT164" is scribed into the metal section.

Micrometer frequency adjustment. The knurled metal ring is the coarse adjuster and the black knob the fine adjuster. Markings on the dial are from 0 to 24.

Micrometer adjuster
Output waveguide

The output waveguide. The slot measures approx 12.5 x 28.5mm. The flange is 47mm square.

Water connectors.

Water connections