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CV3521 hydrogen thyratron

This valve measures 305x80 mm overall and has a 5 pin base in a B5F pattern

This is a hydrogen filled positive grid triode thyratron intended for pulse operation at high peak currents and high voltages. It can be supplied either with or without a reservoir. The EVS sheet specifies that valves with no reservoir have the words "No Reservoir" printed on the base and no connection to pin 4. This example has a reservoir.

Heater voltage6.3V ±5%
Heater current18.5A
Reservoir heater voltage (marked on valve)4.0V
Reservoir heater current3.0A
Min valve heating time3 minutes
Max peak forward anode voltage25kV
Max peak anode current500A
Max average anode current500mA
Max anode heating factor6.25 x 109VApps
Max peak output power6.25MW
Max rate of rise of anode voltage2500A/µs

1Heater + reservoir heater
2Cathode + heater centre tap
4Reservoir heater