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CV4009 reliable variable-µ HF pentode

Size This valve measures 59x17mm overall and has a B7G base.

This valve was developed from the CV454.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 300mA
Max heater-cathode voltage +/- 150V
Max operating anode voltage 330V
Max anode voltage (Ia=0) 500V
Max anode dissipation 3.3W
Max operating screen voltage 135V
Max screen voltage (Ig2=0) 330V
Max screen dissipation 700mW
Mutual conductance
(Va=250, Vg2=100, Ia=11mA, Ig2=4.2mA)
Max bulb temperature 165C
Max shock (short duration) 500g
Max acceleration (continuous operation) 2.5g
Inner amplification factor 24
Mutual conductance (g1=-20V) 40µA/V
Anode impedance 1M ohm
Capacitances (measured without screening can)
Cin nom 5.5pF
Cout nom 5.0pF
Ca, g1 max 0.0035pF


Pin Function
1 Control grid
2 Suppressor grid
3 Heater
4 Heater
5 Anode
6 Screen grid
7 Cathode

The Chelmer example above is taller than the Brimar specimen below which measures 54x17mm.