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CV4018 'reliable' tetrode thyratron

Size This valve measures 51x17mm and has a B7G base
  Relay, grid
controlled rectifier
Modulator Notes
Heater voltage 6.3V 6.3V  
Heater current 0.6A 0.6A  
Max peak AC anode voltage   500V After pulse, 20µs
delay needed before
+ve voltage of >10V
Max peak forward anode voltage 650V 500V  
Max anode PIV 1300V 100V  
Max G2 voltage (conduction) -10V -10V  
Max G1 voltage (conduction) -10V -10V  
Max peak G2 voltage (non-conduction) -100V -50V  
Max peak G1 voltage (non-conduction) -100V -100V  
Max peak heater-cathode voltage -100 to +25V 0  
Max G1 circuit resistance 10M ohm 500k ohm  
Min G2 series resistance   2k ohm  
Max G2 series resistance   25k ohm  
Max peak cathode current 0.5A 10A  
Max mean cathode current 100mA 10mA Average over any
interval of 30s minimum
Max peak G2 current   20mA  
Max peak G1 current   20mA  
Max mean G2 current 10mA   Average over any
interval of 30s minimum
Max mean G2 current 10mA  
Max pulse duration   5µs  
Max rate of rise of cathode current   100A/µs  
Max p.r.f.   500pps  
Max duty cycle   0.001  
Max ambient temp range -75 to +90C -75 to +90C  
Min cathode heating time 10s 10s  


Pin Function
1 Control grid g1
2 Cathode
3 Heater
4 Heater
5 Auxiliary grid g2
6 Anode
7 Auxiliary grid g2