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CV4029 / 5902 power amplifier pentode

Size This valve measures 44x10mm overall and has an 8 lead B8D base.


Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 450mA
Max anode voltage 165V
Max screen voltage 155V
Max anode dissipation 3.7W
Max screen dissipation 0.4W
Max cathode current 50mA
Max heater cathode voltage 200V
Max bulb temperature 220C
Typical operating conditions
Anode voltage 110V
Screen voltage 110V
Cathode resistance 270 ohms
Anode current 30mA
Screen current 2mA
Mutual conductance 4.2mA/V
Capacitances (in metal screen)
Cag max 0.2pF
Cin nom 6.5pF
Cout nom 7.5pF



Lead Function
1 Control grid
2 Cathode + suppressor grid
3 Heater
4 Cathode + suppressor grid
5 Anode
6 Heater
7 Screen grid
8 Cathode + suppressor grid

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