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CV4061 reliable halfwave rectifier

CV4061 This valve measures 48x13mm overall and has 3 leads.


Filament voltage 1.4V
Filament current 150mA
Max PIV 15kV
Max PIV with direct switching 10kV
Max peak anode current 12mA
Max mean rectified current 2.0mA
Max shock (short duration) 500g
Max acceleration (continuous operation) 2.5g
Typical operating data
Sinusoidal input
RMS input voltage 5.3kV
Rectified voltage 7.5kV
Rectified current 100µA
Reservoir capacitor 0.005µF
Pulse input (PRF=20kHz, pulse width=5µs)
Peak input voltage 7.5kV
Rectified output voltage 7kV
Rectified output current 100µA
Optimum reservoir capacitor 0.001µF
Ca-f (nom) 1.5pF



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