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CV4096 reliable RF beam tetrode sharp cut-off

Size This valve measures 36x9x6mm overall and has a 5-lead B5G base.


Filament voltage 1.25V
Filament current 20mA
Max anode voltage 100V
Max screen voltage 100V
Anode impedance 1M Ohms
Max bulb temperature 100C
Max shock (short duration) 450g
Max acceleration (continuous operation) 5g
Typical operating conditions (Va=Vg2=67.5, Vg1=0)
Anode current 1.8mA
Screen current 0.5mA
Mutual conductance 1.1mA/V
Cin nom 3.4pF
Cout nom 2.1pF
Ca, g1 max 0.06pF


Lead Function
1 Anode (red dot)
2 Screen grid
3 Filament -ve, beam plate 1
4 Control grid
5 Filament +ve, beam plate 2
CV4096 Size view

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