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CV415 double beam tetrode

Size The valve measures 80x45mm overall and has a loctal base.

The CV4046 was developed from this valve; the CV415 itself was developed from E2362.

Heater voltage 6.3V
Heater current 1.6A
Max operating anode voltage 400V
Max operating screen voltage 400V
Max anode dissipation, per anode 8W
Max screen dissipation, total 3W
Mutual conductance
(Va=250V; Vg2=135V; Ia=30mA)
Max operating frequency 150MHz


Pin Function
1 Heater
2 Grid 1 A
3 Cathode + beam plates A
4 Anode A
5 Screen grids (both)
6 Anode B
7 Cathode + beam plates B
8 Grid 1 B
9 Heater



This example also carries the E2362 marking.
Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

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