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CV43 S-band TR cell. Described as a "gas-filled resonator spark gap".

CV43 size The device measures 130x62mm overall and weighs just over 200g. The serial number 1305 is painted on the keep-alive cap.

The CV43 could not be used with CV56 and CV64 magnetrons because sparking occurred at power levels over 50kW. Development of new resonators led to the CV83/CV193/CV210 family.

The nominal wavelength of the CV43 is 9.1cm but it can be tuned between 8.95cm and 9.25cm by adjusting two tuning plungers. The gas filling is argon and water vapour at 6mm Hg pressure.

The datasheet for this device has some testing information: "After a shelf life of 48 hours, the valve shall be tested with a Tessla coil for air-leak. The colour of the resulting discharge shall be whitish-blue. A tendancy to a reddish-purple discharge, indicating too high an air content, shall cause the valve to be rejected."


CV43 bottom view CV43 top view

Views of each end of the device.

CV43 inside view
A view of the inside of the device.

CV43 box