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CV4516 reliable subminiature voltage reference diode

This valve measures 31x9mm overall and has a 3 lead base

Min supply voltage *125V
Max cathode current **5.0mA
Min cathode current **0.5mA
Max vibration: 100 hours duration5g
Max vibration: 10 mins duration20g
Max shock (short duration)500g
Max operating bulb temperature85°C
Max operating ambient temperature range-60 to +70C
Max storage ambient temperature range-60 to +70C
Characteristics and typical operating conditions
Nom maintaining voltage84.5V
Optimum cathode current1.5mA
Max incremental resistance1200 ohms
Typical incremental resistance850 ohms
Temperature coefficient of maintaining voltage, bulb -60 to +25°C-10mV/°C max, -5mV/°C typical
Temperature coefficient of maintaining voltage, bulb +25 to +85°C-7mV/°C max, -3mV/°C typical
Typical drift in maintaining voltage: 0 to 200 hours+0.2V
200 to 1000 hours+0.1V
1000 to 3000 hours±0.05V

*: This is the minimum required for the valve to ignite either in total darkness or in normal light
**: For voltage reference applications the recommended operating current is between 1.2 and 2mA

The cathode is connected to the two outer leads, the anode is the centre lead.


Donated by John Kaesehagen

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