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CV5008 reliable double triode

This valve measures 92x42mm overall and has an octal base

Nom heater voltage6.3V
Nom heater current2.5A
Max heater-cathode voltage300V
Max DC anode voltage250V
Max peak forward anode voltage3kV
Max anode dissipation *13W
Max DC grid voltage0V
Max grid resistance *, **1M ohms
Max grid current *5.0mA
Max bulb temperature230°C
Max altitude60,000 feet

*: Each section
**: For cathode bias operation; where fixed bias or fixed and auto-bias is used the max allowable grid resistance is 100k ohms.
1Grid 2
2Anode 2
3Cathode 2
4Grid 1
5Anode 1
6Cathode 1