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CV5140 measuring diode

This valve measures 42x14mm overall

This is a measuring diode for use up to 1GHz.

Heater voltage6.3V (min 5.6, max 7.0)
Heater current300mA
Max PIV (<100MHz)1kV
Max PIV (>100MHz) *(100/f) * 1kV
Max heater to cathode voltage50V
Max cathode current (Vh=5.6 to 7.0V)300µA
Max peak cathode current (Vh=5.6 to 7.0V) **5mA

*: f in MHz
**: For frequencies lower than 100Hz, 0.3 + 0.047f mA (f in Hz)

Connections: the leads are the heater, the middle ring the cathode and the probe is the anode.


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