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CV5167 magnetron

This valve measures 165x95x85mm overall

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current800mA
Operating frequency9080MHz [1]
Max mean input power120W [2]
Typical operating conditions [3]
Peak anode voltage16kV
Peak anode current11A
Field strength6000 Gauss
Peak output power60kW

[1] A mechanical tuning adjustment is provided so that the valve can be set to operate precisely at this frequency

[2] Heater volts shall be adjusted in accordance with the following formula except that for power outputs greater than 60kW this voltage may be zero.
Vf = 6.3 √ (1 - (Input power in kW / 150)) - best I can do in HTML just now!

[3] These conditions apply for a 0.2µs pulse, 3500 pps, VSWR of 1.5:1 max into No. 16 waveguide

Cavity Output port
Side view

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