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STC CV5298 / G55/1K voltage stabiliser

Size This valve measures 64x17mm overall and has a B7G base.

This is a miniature cold-cathode gas-filled voltage stabiliser for use in industrial and radio equipment where a stable source of voltage is required. The noteworthy feature of this valve is the relatively low maintaining voltage of 55 volts.

Note that the anode cylinder is not straight sided but bows in at the top and bottom. See also CV5880 which is the same valve fitted with an adapter.

Max breakdown voltage 90V
Nom maintaining voltage 55V
Min DC operating current 2mA
Max DC operating current 30mA
Max peak current (10s max) 75mA
Nom regulation (2 to 30mA) 3V
Max regulation (2 to 30mA) 5V
Ambient temperature range -55 to +90C

Operation with reversed polarity will damage this valve.

Pin Function
1 Anode
2 Cathode
3 i/c
4 Cathode
5 Anode
6 i/c
7 Cathode