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CV5343 transmitting tetrode

This valve measures 145x85mm overall and has a 5 pin base

This is a transmitting tetrode designed for pulse operation. It is based on CV2131

Filament voltage5 to 5.05V
Filament current14.1A
Max anode voltage9.0kV
Max screen voltage1kV
Max anode dissipation250W
Max screen dissipation35W
Max control grid dissipation10W
Max DC negative control grid voltage-500V
Max DC anode current350mA
Mutual conductance4.0mA/V
Inner amplification factor5.25
Max anode top cap temperature *170°C
Cin (nom)12.6pF
Cout (nom)4.4pF
Ca, g1 (max)0.14pF

*: Must not be exceeded. Thebase seal needs to be cooled by the circulation of at least 2 cubic feet of air per minute.

Pulse ratings
Pulse length
< 100µS< 100mS< 1sec
Max pulse anode current (A)
Max peak cathode current (A) **
Max pulse anode dissipation (kW)
Max pulse screen dissipation (W)100050050
Max pulse control grid dissipation (W)30015020

**: pulse operation at frequencies above 15kHz

2Screen grid
3Control grid
4Screen grid

Top quarter Bottom quarter