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CV5405 triggered diode

This valve measures 325x95mm overall and has 3 leads

This is a triggered diode for use as a charging diode or inverse diode in delay line pulse generator circuits.

Filament voltage2.5V (±7.5%)
Filament current (at Vf=2.5)45A approx
Max PIV25kV
Max anode current1A
Max peak anode current *250A
Max surge anode current *1000A
Max bulb temperature250°C
Voltage drop80V approx
Max pulse voltage500V
Min pulse voltage250V
Min pulse current250mA
Max mean current250mA
Recommended rate of rise2 to 4kV/µs

*: for pulse lengths <5µs

The two heavy gauge leads (yellow and black sleeved) are the filament, the third lead (green sleeved) is the trigger.