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CV55 millimicropup triode

Size This valve measures 70x17mm. The copper block measures 37mm by 7mm thick.

The prototype of this valve is E1190. See also CV155 which is a version of E1190 selected for greater emissions.

Heater voltage 6.3 to 7.0V
Heater current 2.7A
Max anode dissipation 50W
Amplification factor 15
Min. operating wavelength 50cm
Continuous output at 50cm per pair 20W
Cag 3.8pF
Cgc 7.3pF
Cac 2.2pF

The temperature of the anode and grid seals must be kept below 140C. Forced air cooling is necessary, a flow of approx 4 cubic feet/minute is recommended.

Top quarter view Bottom quarter view
The serial number 1747W is marked on the anode block.