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CV57 beam tetrode 'hard valve' modulator.

CV57 size The valve measures 190x50mm and weighs around 150g. It has a 4-pin base. The anode is connected to the top cap.

The CV57 was used in pairs in parallel to modulate a CV64 magnetron in the AI Mk VIII in late 1941. By mid 1942 it had been replaced by the CV85 trigatron.

Heater voltage 12.6V
Heater current 1.75A
Max. anode voltage 11kV
Max screen voltage 1.4kV
Max anode dissipation 15W
Max screen dissipation 2.5W
Max grid bias for cutoff -800V
Max peak anode current 5A
Max peak screen current 0.6W

Connections: 1 G1, 2 Heater, 3 G2, 4 Heater/Cathode, Top Cap Anode.

CV57 internals The CV57 had two box-section cathodes.


The valve has the usual pinch and wire supports, but the screen grid connection is taken through the side rather than the pinch itself. CV57 G2 wire


CV57 CV57
More views of the valve.

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