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CV5724 beam deflection tube


Size This valve measures 69x19mm overall and has a B9A base


Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current150mA
Max anode voltage (Ia=0)600V
Max operating anode voltage330V
Max g3 and g4 voltage (current=0)600V
Max operating g3 and g4 voltage330V
Max screen grid voltage (Ig2=0)330V
Max operating screen grid voltage100V
Max deflector 1 peak voltage970V
Max deflector 1 negative peak voltage800V
Max operating deflector 1 voltage170V
Max deflector 2 peak voltage670V
Max deflector 2 negative peak voltage500V
Max operating deflector 2 voltage170V
Max heater-cathode voltage50V
Max cathode current5.5mA
Cg1 - all2.2pF
Cd1 - all3.0pF
Cd2 - all3.0pF
Ca - all2.0pF
Ca - d10.03pF
Ca - d20.03pF


Pin Function
1Beam forming plates g3 and g4
2Control grid g1
3Cathode + suppressor grid g5
6Beam forming plate g2
7Deflector 1
8Internal connection
9Deflector 2

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