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CV5883 CRT

This CRT measures 295x87mm overall and has a 12 pin base and 5 side connectors

This is a dual beam CRT with a green/green medium-short persistence P2 screen. The deflection plates are designed for symmetrical operation.

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current600mA
Final anode voltage1.5kV
Useful scan (each beam)5 x 7.7cm
Dy max18.3V/cm
Dx max27.3V/cm
Max a1+a3 voltage1.8kV
Max a2 voltage600V

1Cathode "7Cathode '
2Anode 2"8Anode 2'
6Grid '12Grid "

Viewed from the side of the tube, base upwards, the side connectors are right to left: Y1', Y2', Y1", Y2". The separate connector is for the 1st and 3rd anodes of each gun, connected together.
Quarter view Quarter view

Detail viewThe CRT has 4 side connectors for the deflector plates, plus a connector for the final anode. Detail view