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CV5961 RF pentode

This valve measures 35x10x6mm overall and has a B5A base

This is a RF pentode. It is a selected version of the CV2371. The EVS data specifies that the valve should only be marked with the CV number, factory code and date code.

Filament voltage1.25V
Filament current25mA
Max anode voltage100V
Max screen voltage100V
Anode current *1.7mA
Screen current *0.45mA
Mutual conductance *0.95mA/V
Anode impedance *1.6M ohms
Ca,g1 (max)0.01pF
Cout (nom)3.6pF
Cin (nom)3.1pF

*: At Va=Vg2=67.5, Vg1=0

2Screen grid
3Filament -ve + metallising
4Control grid
5Filament +ve + suppressor grid

Lead 1 is indicated by a red dot


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