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EEV CV6012 X-band magnetron

Size This magnetron measures 280x200mm overall and appears to have just one connector.

(data for M504 which appears to be identical)

Heater voltage 5V
Heater current 40A
Peak heater starting current 175A
Frequency range 9325 to 9425MHz
Typical power output 750kW
Peak anode voltage 38kV
Peak anode current 50A
Peak input power 1.9MW
Mean input power 1.2kW
Duty cycle 0.0006
Pulse length 1µs
Rate of rise of voltage pulse 200kV/µs
Anode temperature 150C
Cathode terminal temperature 165C
VSWR at the output connector 1.5:1

The waveguide must be pressurised to a minimum pressure of 35 ib/in2 absolute to prevent waveguide breakdown and to provide cooling air across the valve output window.


A cooling pipe is attached alongside the single connecting lead. This appears to blow onto the glass stem, exiting the other side through a hole. It also appears to form one connection.

Above is a picture of the glass component with the cooling pipe removed, revealing a connection to the innards.
Top quarter view Bottom quarter view

Cooling fins Window
On one side is an aperture leading to cooling fins, on the other a waveguide aperture.

The glass stem. The number 34385 is marked on the inside structure.

Glass stem