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CV6015 tetrode hydrogen thyratron

This valve measures 140x60mm overall
RMS cathode heater voltage5.7V6.6V
RMS reservoir heater voltage5.7V6.6V
Peak forward voltage8kV
Peak reverse voltage8kV
Min anode current100mA
Peak anode current90A
Peak rate of rise of anode current1500A/µsec
Peak forward grid 1 voltage200V350V
Peak forward grid 2 voltage350V
Peak reverse grid 1 voltage300V
Peak reverse grid 2 voltage200V
Heating time120 secs
Bulb temperature25°C
Ambient temperature-55°C+90°C
Ambient pressure500 torr800 torr

This valve had fly leads for all connections which have unfortunately been cut off

Quarter view

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