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CV6026 pulse hydrogen thyratron

CV6026 The valve measures 440x135mm overall

The valve carries the serial number 756.

Heater voltage 7 to 12V approx
Heater current 31A @ 12V
Reservoir heater voltage 5V
Reservoir heater current 4.15A
Max peak anode voltage 25kV
Max peak anode current 2000A
Max mean anode current 3A
Max rate of rise of anode current 7500A/µS
Max grid trigger voltage 1kV
Max grid voltage -100V
Max pulse length @ max peak anode current 5µS
Max PRF 1500 pps
Power x PRF max 10,000MW / c/s
Typical anode delay time 0.45µS
Max anode delay time 0.7µS
Jitter 0.006µs max


Lead colour Function
Black Cathode
Yellow (2) Heater
Red Reservoir heater
Brown Reservoir heater
Blue Baffle


TC Anode



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