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CV6045 beam tetrode

Size The valve measures 130x65mm overall and has a 7-pin B7A base.

This is a low impedance beam tetrode indended for use in DC control equipment. It may be triode connected and is suitable for pulse operation.

See also CV2377

Heater voltage 13V/26V
Heater current 2.6A/1.3A
Mutual conductance (triode connected, Va=150, Ia=500mA) 35mA/V
Amplification factor (as above) 4.5
Anode resistance (as above) 130 ohms
Max anode voltage 800V
Max anode dissipation 90W
Max anode and screen dissipation (triode connected) 95W
Max screen voltage 300V
Max screen dissipation 10W
Max grid voltage -100V
Max grid dissipation 1W
max cathode current 800mA
Max heater/cathode voltage (heater -ve) 300V
Pulse ratings
Max peak anode voltage 1500V
Max peak cathode current 5A
Max duty cycle (averaging time 100µs) 0.05
Max product of peak current and pulse length (for peak currents exceeding 2A) 10A/µs

This valve has two complete sets of cathodes and grids side by side, which are strapped together internally.

Inside view

The valve also carries the number 13E7972


Pin Function
1 Heater
2 Heater centre tap
3 Grid
4 Cathode
5 Screen
6 Anode
7 Heater
top quarter Bottom quarter