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CV6099 Infrared image converter

This device measures 58x35mm overall.

CV6099 image converter tube. These are sensitive to infrared light out to a wavelength of about 1 micron but the luminous gain of systems using them is approximately 1, so a source of infrared light would be needed if they were being used at night. They were developed in the late 1950s and are essentially an improved version of image converter tubes used as far back as 1934. They were typically used throuhgout the 1960s in various pocketscopes, binoculars, tank periscopes etc., and were replaced through the 1970s and 1980s by image intensifiers using ambient light and by thermal imaging systems.

Max peak instantaneous fluorescent screen voltage13kV
Max continuous fluorescent screen voltage12.5kV
Min fluorescent screen voltage8kV
Max photocathode current (continuous)0.1µA
Max photocathode illumination (continuous)10 i.r.f lux
Max storage temperature68°C
Characteristics (at ambient temp of 20°C with 12kV screen voltage)
Peak spectral response8000±1000 angstroms
Min conversion coefficient0.55 cd/lm
Magnification at centre0.74
Min resolution at centre of photocathode50 line pairs/mm
Min resolution off axis of photocathode12 line pairs/mm
Max background equivalent illumination0.025 i.f.r. lux
Max dark current0.02µA
Quarter view Quarter view