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Thomson CSF CV6124

This device weighs 22kg and has a very strong magnet.

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current3.5A6.6A
Output power250W-
Frequency range660MHz860MHz
Sole voltage-500V-1500V-1000V
Sole current-80mA0mA
Grid voltage-100V-1000V-800V
Grid current-1mA
Anode voltage-2000V
Anode current-0.25mA+2.0mA
Line voltage1500V5000V2270V to 4900V
Line current350mA346mA

It measures 290x140mm overall and has a 5-pin plug. It appears to be water cooled. Output is via a coaxial connector.

The device is marked with UK Patent No. 699893 and US Patent No. 2880355. The device is a carcinotron, a form of backward wave oscillator.

Connections: refering to the main photo, from the top right hand pin clockwise: Heater+cathode, Anode, Heater, Sole, Grid.


Bottom view Side view


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