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CV6162 travelling wave tube


Size This TWT measurs 438x35mm overall and 12mm across the stem. It has 3 leads, red, yellow and blue.

This TWT carries the markings GPO 1345, W7/4G (the commercial equivalent) 8249, and has KX34 scratched onto the metal base.

Heater voltage6.3V
Frequency range3.6 to 4.2GHz
Gain39dB nominal at 7W output
Noise factor at working output27dB
Typical operating conditions
Collector voltage2kV
Helix voltage3kV
Cathode current40mA

This example came with a test certificate as follows:

Helix voltage2980V2955V2920V
Gain (at 7W)39.7dB38.6dB37.8dB
Max power output9.9W9.7W9.7W

The above measurements were with a heater voltage of 6.3V, grid 2 voltage of 1890V, collector voltage of 2kV and 40mA cathode current.

Inside view