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Ferranti CV6168 dual TR Cell

Size This cell measures 40x40x60mm.

This is a reliable broad-band TR cell.

Operating frequency range8500 to 9500MHz
Max peak power200kW
Min peak power4kW
Min primer supply voltage *-850V
Primer current *130µA

*: the primer encapsulation contains 5.5M ohms of external resistance. With a primer supply voltage of between -850 and -1000V, the primer curent will be limited to between 100 and 160µA. With a primer supply voltage of not less that -950V, the tupply to the primer must be connected at least 5 seconds before the application of high power RF pulses. With a primer supply of betwen -850 and -950V this time must be at least 30 seconds.

The primer connection is bu a wrapped joint, single strand wire of 20 to 25 swg.

THere is a 3.3M ohm resistor between the primer connection and the monitor allowing a measurement to be made of the primer current without disconnecting the primer supply. The monitor conection can be seen from the quarter view pictures below, it being the recessed socket next to the primer connection pins.


Quarter view Quarter view

Face view Rear view