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CV7108 mixer diode

This diode measures 19x9mm overall

Max operating temperature100°C
Max storage temperature100°C
Min storage temperature-55°C
Max burnout, rf spikes0.3 ergs
Max burnout, dc spikes0.1 ergs
Max pulse input (rf)3W
Max load resistance20 ohms
Max forward resistance (at 0.5V)200 ohms
Min reverse resistance (at -0.5V)10k ohms
Frequency range, up to12GHz
Max noise factor, up to 20°C8.5dB
Max noise factor, up to 100°C10.5dB
Typical operating rectified current0.6mA

The red marking on this diode indicates the positive polarity of the pin. See also CV7109.
Quarter view

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