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CV7136 semiconductor diodes

This device measures 45x35mm overall and has an octal base.

This device consists of four semiconductor diodes encased in an octal enclosure.

Max PIV (-40°C to +100°C)200V
Max mean forward current at 25°C700mA
Max reverse leakage current at max PIV10µA (at 25°C), 50µA (at 100°C)
Max vibration10g
Max shock500g
Storage temperature-40°C to +100°C

See also CV7137

1Diode 1 cathode
2Diode 1 anode
3Diode 2 anode
4Diode 2 cathode
5Diode 3 cathode
6Diode 3 anode
7Diode 4 anode
8Diode 4 cathode
Label Warning label

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