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CV882 / DH81 / 7B6 / E1838 double diode triode

Size This device measures 70x37mm overall and has an 8 pin loktal base.

This is a double diode high-µ triode suitable for use as a detector and audio amplifier.

Heater voltage7V
Heater current320mA
Max anode voltage300V
Max heater cathode voltage90V
Max diode drop at 0.8mA10V
Max diode current per anode, continuous1mA
Mutual conductance *1100 micromhos
Amplification factor *100
Anode resistance *91k ohms

*: At Va=100, Vg=-2

2Triode anode
3Control grid
5Diode ' anode
6Diode '' anode
CV882 / DH81  CV882 / 7B6
Above: CV822 / DH81, left, CV882 / 7B6, right.
Below: labels on the other side of each valve
DH81 label  7B6 label
The E1838 (s/n 142), above, has DH81 written on it
The two valves compared

These two valves differ in their construction as can be seen above. Also, below, is the base detail of the two.

Base detail
Closeup of the CV822/DH81 base