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CV994 magnetron

CV994 The magnetron measures 210x75x55 overall and weighs approx 850g.

See also CV991, CV992 and CV993.

This is described as a "Magnetron with pre-plumbed waveguide output". Prototypes were E1494 and then E1542.

Heater voltage 3V (AC or DC)
Heater current 2.5A
Approx nominal wavelength 3.14cm
Max frequency pulling 15MHz
Max anode dissipation 150W
Typical operating conditions
Peak anode voltage 15.5kV
Peak anode current 10A
Peak output power 27kW
Recurrence frequency 1500pps
Pulse length 0.5µS
Field strength 3250 Oe



CV994 protective glass boot Side view of CV994
Side view of the valve showing the output aperture and the cooling rings. The glass boot protects the glass seal which holds the heater wires. Also note the glass seal is a single tube; one drawing of the device shows two separate seals instead of this.

CV994 output aperture Cv994 threaded hole behind output aperture
The output aperture showing the glass inside. At the rear of the assembly is a threaded hole.

Cv994 in it's box CV994 box closed
The CV994 box.