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CVX2201 disc seal triode oscillator

This valve measures 80x33mm overall (20mm across the glass)

This is a developmental version of the CV2201.

Heater voltage6.3V
Heater current2.0A
Max pulse anode voltage (a)4.5kV
Max anode dissipation (b)10W
Max mean anode current during pulse4.0A
Amplification factor (c)28
Mutual conductance (c)12mA/V
At 1000MHz40%
At 1200MHz35%
At 1750MHz15%
Capacitances (measured at 1MHz)
Cin (nom)4.3pF
Cout (nom)1.5pF
Cag (nom)5.5pF

(a) Anode modulation with pulses not exceeding 3.0µs duration
(b) The disc seal must not exceed 100°C
(c) At Va=300V, Ia=50mA

Connections from the exhaust pip down are - grid (ring), anode (ring), heater+cathode, heater.


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