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Valve bases

This is a work in progress. It currently links to diagrams from the K1001 specifications book. The linked images are full-size (but browsers often shrink them to fit the screen).

B2A 2 pin base used on GM tubes
B2B 2-pin base for photo-conductive cells
B2G 2-wire base
B3A American pee-wee 3-pin base
B3D/F (transistor base)
B3G 3-pin inline lead glass base
B4 original British 4-pin base
B4A American 4-pin base (CV398, CV2752, CV2814 etc)
B4B 4-pin base for phototubes
B4D American super jumbo 4-pin base with bayonet
B4E 4-clip base for CRTs
B4F American jumbo 4-pin base
BC4 4-pin base with bayonet
B5 British 5-pin base
B5A B5A/F base with leads cut short to fit valve holder
B5A/F 5-lead inline submin base with flying leads
B5B B5B/F base with leads cut short to fit valve holder
B5B/F 5-lead button base with flying leads
B5D American giant 5-pin base
B5E B5D with metal shell (Eimac and RCA)
B5F Mullard and Philips version of B5D
B5G B5G/F base with leads cut short to fit valve holder
B5G/F American 5-lead inline submin base with flying leads
B5H/F 5-lead inline flat miniature base (Hivac)
B5J/F Pressed glass electrometer base (Mullard)
B5K 5-pin super giant base (Philips)
B7 British 7 pin base
B7A American Septar 7-pin base
B7B 7-pin CRT base (EMI)
B7D American medium shell giant 7-pin base with bayonet
B7E/F American 7-lead inline flat submin base
B7G small button miniature 7-pin base
B7G/A welded lead version of B7G (STC)
B7G/B welded lead version of B7G (GPO)
B7G/F B7G with flying leads instead of pins
B8A Rimlock 8-pin base with location boss
B8B 8-pin glass base
B8D B8D/F with leads cut short to fit valve base
B8D/F 8-lead circular submin base with flying leads
B8E 8-pin CRT base (was EM8)
B8F American 8-pin base used on CV2519
B8G 8-pin locking-in base
B8G/F B8G with flying leads
B8-MO Mazda Octal
B8-O Octal
B9 British 9-pin base
B9A 9-pin noval base
B9A/B welded lead version of B9A (GPO)
B9A/D B9A with central exhaust tabulation (Mullard)
B9A/F B9A base with flying leads
B9B 9-pin base for vibrators
B9G 9-pin glass base
B9G/B welded lead version of B9G (GPO)
B10A/A 10-pin glass base with welded leads (STC)
B11A American 11-pin sub-magnal base
B12A American 12-pin duodecal base
B12B 12-pin spigot base
B12D 12-pin side contact CRT base with key
B12E B12A base with cap on spigot
B12F 12-pin glass base for CRT (Electronic Tubes Ltd)
B12G 12-pin glass base for CRT (EMI)
B14A American Diheptal 14-pin base
B14B 14-pin pressed glass base for CRT
B15A3 3-pin base (formerly 3-pin quindecal) used on CV339
B15B 15-pin glass base (EMI, used on photomultipliers)
B22 bayonet cap
BC4 medium 4-pin bayonet base
CK12 see B12D
CL3 3-clip base
CL6 6-clip base
CL7 7-clip base
EL4B large 4-pin base
EM8 see B8E
ES medium Edison screw base
GES goliath Edison screw base
IO international octal – known as O base or B8-O
I/S1 Interservices base. Pointed bottom cap, pointed cap at the other end of the bulb, two side contacts.
I/S2 Interservices base. Two long side contacts and two bottom contacts.
I/S3 Interservices base. Similar to I/S2 but with three bottom contacts.
I/S4 Interservices base. Two side pins and two bottom pins. (also uses I/S2 base)
L4 4-pin low loss base.
MES miniature Edison screw base
MO Mazda octal base B8-MO
PB8 8-pin bayonet base
PS10 spigot base see B12B
PS12 spigot base see B12B
S3 Interservices base with three claw-like feet providing electrical connections.
SC8 8-pin side contact base
SES small Edison screw base
T4 4-pin metal shield base
USD12 American Diheptal base see B14A
USD14 American Diheptal base see B14A
USG5 American giant 5-pin base with bayonet now B5D
USG7 American giant 7-pin base with bayonet now B7D
USL4 American large 4-pin base see CV1506 spec
USM4 American medium 4-pin base A4-9
USM4B American medium 4-pin bayonet base A4-10
USM5 American medium 5-pin base A5-11
USM5B American USM5 base with bayonet pin (see CV2595 spec)
USM6 American medium 6-pin base A6-12
USM7 American medium 7-pin base A7-13
USM11 American Magnal 11-pin base B11-33 and B11-66
USS4 American small 4-pin base A4-5
USS5 American small 5-pin base A5-6
USS6 American small 6-pin base A6-7
USS7 American small 7-pin base A7-18
USSM11 American sub-Magnal base now B11A

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