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Transmitting valves; AAnnAA format (e.g. RD150YB)

1st Letter
R Transmitting valves
Z Special amplifying and modulating valves
2nd Letter
A Diode
D Triode
E Tetrode
Figures indicate dissipation in W or kW; if the letter after the figures is V, X, Y or Z, then this figure is kW.
Letters after the figures
V Vapour cooled
X Air cooled
Y Water cooled
Z Water cooled
Next letter
A,B,C,D,E Valves with stems and wire feed-through connectors
F,G,I Valves with pressed glass bases and prong feed-through connectors
H,J,K Valves with thoriated tungsten cathodes
L,M,N,O,P Valves of coaxial design
If there is only one letter, then the valve is an all-glass radiation or air-cooled type; if the penultimate letter is V, X, Y or Z the valve has an external anode. The letter S at the end indicates a special design.

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