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Professional tubes (e.g. YL1080)

AAnnnn - primarily used in TV/radio transmitting equipment, navigation or communications etc.

1st letter X Tubes employing photosensitive materials
Y Vacuum tubes for transmitting, microwave or industrial applications
Z Gas filled tubes (except those with photosensitive materials)
2nd letter A Diode
C Trigger tube
D Triode (including double triodes)
G Miscellaneous
H Traveling wave tube
J Magnetron
K Klystron
L Tetrode or pentode (including double tetrodes or double pentodes)
M Cold cathode indicator or counter tubes
P Photomultipliers or radiation counters
Q Camera tube
T Thyratron
X Ignitron, image converter or image intensifier
Y Rectifier
Z Voltage stabiliser

Figures - the serial number always consists of 4 digits. Prototypes end in 0.

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