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RAF (e.g. VT98, VCR97)

Letters followed by digits

VCR Valve Cathode Ray (CRT)
VGT Valve Gas Triode (thyratron)
VI Valve Indicator (magic eye)
VR Valve Receiving
VS Valve Stabilising
VT Valve Transmitting
VU Rectifier
VW Selected types

British Army (e.g. ARP35, ATP4)

Letters followed by digits

AR Army Receiving valve
ARD Army Receiving Diode
ARDD Army Receiving Double Diode
ARH Army Receiving Hexode
ARP Army Receiving Pentode
ARS Army Receiving Screen-grid (tetrode)
ARTH Army Receiving Triode/Hexode
ARTP Army Receiving Triode/Pentode
AT Army Transmitting valve
ATP Army Transmitting Pentode
ATS Army Transmitting Screen-grid (tetrode)
AU Army rectifier
AW Army stabiliser

Royal Navy (e.g. NGT1, NR49)

Letters folowed by digits

NGT Navy Gas Triode (thyratron)
NR Navy Receiving valve
NS Navy Stabiliser
NT Navy Transmitting valve
NU Navy rectifier

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