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Ericsson code e.g. GC10B

1st letter - construction G Gas filled
V Vacuum
Remaining letters C Counter (steppinng tube where not all electrodes are available on separate pins)
D Diodes, stabilisers etc
R Register display tubes (nixes etc)
S Selector (stepping tube with all outputs available on separate pins)
TE Tetrode (trigger tubes etc)
PE Pentode
T or TR Triode (trigger tubes etc)
1st number - characteristics Counters, selectors Number of states
  Register displays Number of display electrodes
  Diodes/stabilisers Operating voltage
  Trigger tubes Striking voltage on trigger electrode
2nd number if present Counters Number or output pins if >1
Final letter - base A-F Plastic base shell (octal, B5, duodecal, tags etc)
  G, H 26-pin B26A, B27A
  M, P, Q B7G
  T B9A
  W-Z Wire ended
Suffixes /R Tested for resistance to vibration
  /S Tested to military specs
  /M Magnetic shielding (trochotrons)


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