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Receiving valves - Mullard/Philips code (e.g. ECC83, PL81, E88CC)

1st letter - Heater rating A 4V
B 180mA AC/DC
C 200mA AC/DC
D 0.5 - 1.5V
E 6.3V AC
F 12.6V car battery
G 5V
H 150mA AC/DC
I 20V
L 450mA AC/DC
O Cold cathode
P 300mA AC/DC
T 7.4V; Misc.
U 100mA AC/DC
V 50mA AC/DC
X 600mA AC/DC
Y 450mA AC/DC
Remaining letters give type(s) of device(s) A diode (excluding rectifiers)
AA double diode with separate cathodes (excluding rectifiers)
B double diode with common cathode (excluding rectifiers)
C Triode (excluding power triodes)
D Power triode
E Tetrode (excluding power valves)
F Pentode (excluding power valves)
H Hexode/heptode (hexode type)
K Heptode/octode (octode type)
L Output tetrode, beam tetrode or pentode
M Tuning indicator
N Gas filled triode or thyratron
P Secondary emission
Q Nonode
S TV sync oscillator
T Beam tube
W Gas rectifier
X Gas fullwave rectifier
Y Halfwave rectifier
Z Fullwave rectifier
Figures - base + serial number 1-10 Various side contacts, octals, specials (exceptions are ECH3G, ECH4G, EK2G, EL3G, KK2G which have octal bases)
11-19 8-pin German octal
20-29 Loctal B8G; some octal; some 8-way side contact (Exceptions are DAC21, DF21, DF22, DL21, DLL21 which have octal bases)
30-39 Octal
40-49 Rimlok B8A
50-59 B9G; Loctal B8G; Octal; 3-pin glass; Disk-seal; German 10-pin with spigot; min. 4-pin; B26A; Magnoval B9D
60-69 B9G; some submins
70-79 Loctal Lorenz; wire submins
80-89 Noval B9A
90-99 B7G
100-109 B7G; Wermacht base; German PTT base
110-119 8-pin German octal; Rimlok B8A
130-139 Octal
150-159 German 10-pin with spigot; 10-pin glass with one big pin; Octal
160-169 Flat wire submins; 8-pin German octal
170-179 RFT 8-pin; RFT 11-pin all glass with one offset pin
180-189 Noval B9A
190-199 B7G
200-209 Decal B10B
230-239 Octal
270-279 RFT 11-pin all glass with one offset pin
280-289 Noval B9A
300-399 Octal
400-499 Rimlok B8A
500-529 Magnoval B9D; Novar
600-699 Flat wire-ended
700-799 Round wire-ended
800-899 Noval B9A
900-999 B7G
1000- Round wire-ended; special nuvistor
2000- Decal B10B
3000- Octal
5000- Magnoval B9D
8000- Noval B9A

Industrial specification valves

In these, the numbering scheme is the same as above but the figures and 2nd+ letters are swapped round, for example E88CC. However the ExxYY and EYYxx versions may be completely different valves so it cannot be assumed that the one is simply a high quality version of the other.

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