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German defence valves

Generally these use a special base, and the type numbers consist of R for army (Wehrmacht) and navy (Kriegsmarine) or L for the Luftwaffe. Other markings commonly found include Eigentum der RLM (air ministry property; RLM stood for Reichsluftfahrtsministerium which was the Government agency responsible for research and development of aircraft and avionic systems), Kriegsmarine (navy) and Wehrmachtseigentum (army property). BAL means Bau Aufsicht Luftfartsministerium, i.e. Air Ministry Inspection.

German Army/Navy

1st letter R  Reichswehr (defence), includes both Wehrmacht (Army) and Kriegsmarine (Navy)
2nd letter D Dekametric wavebands
G (Gleichrichter) rectifier or diode
L Transmitting or power
V (Verstärker) Amplifier

1st number is heater voltage

3rd letter A Cathode ray indicator
D Dual anode
G Rectifier or diode
H Hexode
L Speed modulation; laufzeit tube
M Magnetic deflection tube
MM Double magnetic deflection tube
MS Magnetic and electric deflection tube
P Pentode
SS Double electric deflection tube
T Triode

Final number is power output in watts for power valves, coefficient of amplification for amplifiers, or maximum rectified current for rectifiers.

German Air-force

two letters and a number (1st letter L)

1st letter L Luftwaffe
2nd letter B Kathodebeam tube (CRT)
D Sendtube (HF)
F Special (iconoscope, photocell, ...)
G Rectifier or diode
K Stabiliser
M Magnetron
S Sendtube (LF)
V Amplification tube (LF)

The number was just a sequence number.

Exceptions: SA (rectifier), SD (triode), SF (pentode) all with 1.9V heaters.

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