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Russian valves

1st element gehKAH Generator tubes (TX) up to 25MHz
gehoo Generator tubes (TX) 25 to 600MHz
gehehs Microwave TX tubes
gehehm Modulator tubes
veh High power tubes
ehsgeh Voltage stabilisers
ehsteh Current stabilisers
teh Thyratrons
gehgeh Gas discharge rectifiers
gehehr Mercury gas discharge rectifiers
ehf Photocells/photomultipliers
ehfeh ahbahrotnahyehoo Photocells/photomultipliers
Heater volts for receiving tubes
Screen diameter (cm) for picture tubes
2nd element deh Diodes
khah Double diodes
ehs Triodes
eh ahbahrotnahyeh Tetrodes
peh Power tetrodes/pentodes
KAH Remote cutoff pentodes
zheh Sharp cutoff pentodes
veh Secondary emission pentodes
ah Mixing tubes with signal grids
beh Pentodes with diode(s)
geh Triodes with diode(s)
yeh Tuning indicators
ee Triodes with hexode, heptode or octode
ehn Double triodes
ehr Double tetrodes/pentodes
ehf Triode/pentodes
tseh Rectifiers
Sequence number Gas discharge tubes, power rectifiers
geh Gas thyratrons
ehr Mercury thyratrons
khah Cold cathode thyratrons
ehlo Electrostatic deflection CRTs
ehlehm Electromagnetic deflection CRTs
Third element Type sequence number
Fourth element Receiving and stabilisers
ehs Glass
zheh HF glass, side leads
KAH Ceramic
peh Miniature glass, 19 & 22.5mm
geh Submini > 10mm
beh Submini 10mm
ehr Submini 4mm
ah Submini 6mm
ehl Lock-in-key
deh Disc leads
TX and modulator tubes
ah Water cooled
beh Air cooled
  Picture tubes
  Letter Screen details, phosphor etc.
  'hot' Thyratrons, gas discharge, power rectifiers
  x/y x=average current in A; y=reverse voltage in kV
One or more letters may be added
  veh High reliability tube (military)
  yeh Long life tube (military)
  ee Designed for impulse operation
  KAH Vibration resistant
For current regulators
  [A]beh[V1-V2] A=current in Amps, V1 - V2 is voltage range

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