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Special purpose types: nAnn (e.g. 1B24, 4J50)

First number: heater power 1 0 (no heater, cold cathode etc)
2 Up to 10W
3 >10W to 20W
4 >20W to 50W
5 >50W to 100W
6 >100W to 200W
7 >200W to 500W
8 >500W to 1000W
9 >1000W
Letter: device type A Single element e.g. ballasts
B Diode, including protective devices, spark gaps, TR cells etc.
C Triode
D Tetrode
E Pentode
F Hexode
G Heptode
H Octode
J Magnetically controlled e.g. magnetron
K Electrostatically controlled e.g. klystron
L Vacuum capacitors
N Crystal rectifiers, solid state devices
P Photoemissive types, e.g. photocells
Q Cavities
R Ignitrons etc.
S Vacuum switches
T Storage, radial beam and other special control tubes
V Photoflash
W Travelling wave tubes
X X-ray tubes
Y Thermionic converters
Second number: serial Assigned sequentially starting from 21.

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