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Mazda code (e.g. 10P14, U52)

Digits, letters (except where letter = U or UU), digits; easy to confuse with the RETMA system!

1st digits give heater voltage, except 10, 20 and 30 indicate 100mA, 200mA, 300mA. 1=1.4V, 6=6.3V.

Letters give type of valve

Mazda codes tend not to double up letters, thus L can also indicate a double triode.

C Frequeny changer
D Signal diode or double diode
F Signal tetrode/pentode
FD Signal tetrode/pentode plus diode(s)
FL Signal tetrode/pentode plus triode
K Thyratron
L Signal triode or double triode
LD Signal triode plus diode(s)
M Tuning indicator
P Output tetrode/pentode
PL Output tetrode/pentode plus triode
U Halfwave rectifier (no 1st figure)
UU Fullwave rectifier (no 1st figure)

Final digits are used to distinguish between valves.

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