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CV2224 high-speed primed trigger tube

Size The tube measures 51x17mm overall and has a B7G base.

This is an "exceptionally high-speed" trigger tube which finds use in all sorts of applications. This trigger tube incorporates a priming gap and a second control electrode, the shield. The positively biased shield helps to achieve very short deionisation times (typically 30µs) and, in certain circumstances, may be used as an auxilliary triggering electrode to increase the gating facilities of a single tube.

Max pulse current output 15mA
Max DC current output 10mA
Min DC current output 2mA
Anode supply voltage 270 to 360V
Main gap maintaining voltage 175 to 185V
Max cathode voltage output 140V
Shield voltage 150V
Trigger bias (Va up to 325V) 0 to 165V
Trigger bias (Va up to 360V) 60 to 165V
Trigger breakdown potential 12 to 26V
De-ionisation time 30µS max
Transfer time 0.5µS nom
Priming gap  
Prinming gap current 0.2 to 0.5mA
Anode feed resistance 390k ohm
Cathode resistance to main gap cathode potential 56k ohm


Pin Function
1 Priming gap cathode
2 Cathode
3 Shield
4 Anode
5 Shield
6 Trigger
7 Priming gap anode