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Åke Holm's tube siteInformation about the construction and use of valves
Cathode Ray Tube site Electronic glassware, history and equipment
Dieter's Nixie siteNixie collection, projects etc.
Hans-Thomas Schmidt's collection A fine collection and lots of data
Kilokat's antique light bulb and vacuum tube siteCollection of bulbs and valves
Mike's Electric StuffValve collection plus lots of experiments
National Valve Museum, UK Valve museum with data
Mr Transistor's pages
Radiomuseum.orgRadio catalogue: more than 74,500 radios with 39,000 pictures and 38,000 schematics plus radio forum
Ralf Jaeckel's mercury arc rectifier website showing a collection and information about this larger glassware
Röhren Museum: Run by Thomas Rapp lots of photos and descriptions
Tera LabExperiments, glass blowing, valve museum etc.
tubecollection.deAn impressive collection
Un secolo da diodoA site about the centenary of the diode. Also has other historic info as well as valve advertising material.


Antique Electronic Supply
Ask Jan First Jan has been supplying valves and electronic parts since 1993 and established a website in 1998. Several of the valves and tubes in my collection came from Jan. He has served thousands of customers all over the world, and can often find parts not listed in his catalogue, thus the name 'Ask Jan First'.
Billington Export Ltd Suppliers of tested and guaranteed valves and tubes for audio, industry and many other purposes, since 1981. They are mostly a trade supplier, but are pleased to help anybody subject to a minimum order GBP50. They are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Large quantity in stock, including antiques. (They also buy audio valves and tubes)
Brent Jessee Recording and Supply, Inc.
Brimar thermionic products Brimar thermionic products supply a full range of tubes, amplifiers and test equipment for collectors, restorers, musicians and music lovers alike. They stock a comprehensive range of brand new, tested and guaranteed tubes as well as "old stock" valves. They are always happy to discuss your specific requirements and often buy British valves to add to their extensive range. Their continuing goal is to return valve and valve based product manufacturing back to the UK.
Colomor ElectronicsTrader
Crowthorne TubesTrader
EdicronTrader. In business since 1958 selling to the trade under the Edicron brand but now sells to the public too. They specialise in current production rather than NOS and stock virtually all the the different variants of the popular types.
George H. Fathauer & Assoc. - see Vacuumtubes Inc.
JustRadios: Capacitors and Schematics for Tube Radios Specializes in high voltage film and electrolytic capacitors for tube radios. Also carries Antique Radio Schematics and service information
Langrex Supplies Ltd One of the old and respected names in the industry, Langrex has been trading in valves and semiconductors for nearly 50 years and is one of the largest traders in the UK with millions of parts available from stock. Their staff are always friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable. Some of the rarer WWII valves in my collection were sourced from here. Their valve stock list is available onine. They also trade on ebay
Mullard MagicMullard Magic is run by a long term collector of vintage electronics, cameras and automobilia with the aim of supplying a wide range of scarce and desirable vintage radio, vintage electronic, vintage audio items as well as other quirky collectables to a worldwide customer base.
Richardson ElectronicsSuppliers
SelectronSelectron supply NOS valves having incorporated PM Components. They were the distributors of Svetlana Electron Devices and specialised in supplying manufacturers. Once Svetlana closed, Selectron is working on cataloguing, testing and selling their stocks of NOS valves. See their eBay sales.
Triode ElectronicsAlso has data and lots of links.
Vacuumtubes Inc.

Vacuum Tubes, Inc. is located in Orlando, Florida. They carry a wide variety over a quarter million tubes - some 3000 different types of new-old-stock tubes for audio, radio, industrial, and governmental customers. Also carried is an expanding selection of new manufacture tubes, tube sockets, capacitors, and other parts and tube-related items.

Owner Jim Cross started selling tubes part time in 1992. Jim has over twenty years experience with tubes. He has written several articles on tubes and tube history. He is on the board of the Tube Collectors Association, and is a past president of that organization. Jim also maintains an interesting Hall of Shame


VacuumTubes.Net is the Vacuum Tubes division of Radio Electric Supply, home of possibly the largest supply of electron vacuum tubes in the world, with an inventory of over 10,000,000 tubes. They stock both NOS (New Old Stock) and factory-new tubes for every application from all major manufacturers including RCA, GE, Sylvania, Raytheon, Tungsol, and Amperex. They also have an extensive list of $1 tubes on their website.

Valve & Tube Supplies (UK)
(now closed)
Rod Burman ran Valves and Tubes (UK) but retired and his stock went to Jan Wuesten - see Ask Jan First. Rod was a renowned valve guru with a personal collection of over 3,000 individual valves from the origins of the technology at the beginning of the 20th century. Rod sadly died at the end of 2017.
World Tube Company Trader based in Tacoma, Washington

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