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New exhibits: 2021-09-23: Added CV9423 klystron;
Stats: 1341 on the website, 0 coming soon.

Diode -- Triode -- Tetrode -- Beam tetrode -- Pentode -- Hexode -- Heptode -- Octode -- Voltage regulator
Other valve -- Current regulator -- Voltage reference -- Thyratron -- Excitron
Cathode ray tube -- Image converter -- Photocell -- Photomultiplier -- Tuning indicator
Display/Indicator -- Counter / selector -- Magnetron -- Klystron -- Travelling wave tube
Backward wave oscillator -- Heil tube -- TR cell -- Other microwave -- Trigatron
Trigger tube/spark gap -- Surge arrester -- Relay / switch -- Noise diodes and sources
Light source -- Strobotron -- GM tube -- Semiconductor diode -- Transistor -- Other solid state
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Valves I need information on

The more interesting valves that have been removed from the collection are now held as PDFs here


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Latest additions

Added CV9423 klystron;
Added CV985 circuit unit;
Added CV6151 image converter;
Added CV10210 magnetron;
Added CV1127 beam tetrode;
Added CV1989 diode; CV1378 magnetron; CV2493 double triode; CV4053 voltage stabiliser; CV4017 double triode; CV1943 pentode;
Added CV2290 crystal valve; CV4122 double triode; CV1988 double triode; CV4109 double triode;
Added CV1823 pentode; CV4108 double triode; CV1426 octode; CV5242 triode;
Added CV2526 double diode triode; CV580 heptode; CV4505 halfwave rectifier; CV1864 fullwave rectifier;
Added CV1434 tuning indicator; CV539 TR cell; CVX2201 pulse triode; CV1170 double diode;
Added CV956 CRT;
Added CV3615 klystron;
Added CV5282 CRT;