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CV1221 / NT38A transmitting pentode

This valve measures 248x63mm overall and has a 4 pin T4 base

Filament voltage10V
Filament current2A
Max anode voltage1500V
Max screen voltage500V
Max anode current *150mA
Total cathode current *200mA
Mutual conductance **1.7mA/V
Continuous anode dissipation75W
Screen dissipation20W

*: These values apply for use of the valve as an unmodulated Class C amplifier at not less than 15 metres wavelength
**: At Va=1500, Vg2=400, Ia=60mA

Pins: base view, clockwise from the index pin: screen grid, filament, control grid, filament. The base shell is the suppressor grid connection and the top cap the anode.


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